Tim ratchford

general manager

With over a dozen years in the restaurant industry, Tim Ratchford knows how to help guests experience the ultimate in restaurant hospitality. Now the General Manager for Porrón&Piña, one of award-winning Chef Tyler Anderson’s restaurants, Ratchford began his career as a busser and food runner at Aspen Restaurant in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. From there he moved into bartending at Connecticut’s famed Copper Beech INN. It was at the INN that Ratchford ran into Anderson. It is also where he honed his affinity for wine and beverage direction.

Ratchford soon carved out a niche in the beverage arena, going on to become the Wine Director at Anderson’s Millwright’s Restaurant in Simsbury, CT and attaining his First Level Sommelier status in 2013. After serving as a Manager at Firebox Restaurant for a year and General Manager at Millwright's for the last three years, Tim is now the Wine Director for Millwright’s Restaurant and Porrón&Piña, along with being P&P’s newly appointed General Manager.